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Dalma Food is an export and import company. The company was founded 1975 by Mr. Stipe Tolj. Throughout the years of business the company has earned good reputation on the market. Dalma Food acts as a wholesaler on the Swedish market with customers in different segments from north to south of Sweden, but are strongest around the populated Stockholm area. Dalma Food is a well-financed company and always interested in doing business.
Dalma Food is importing products from South America and Europe. The company deals with beef, veal, pork, poultry, lamb and seafood. Both chilled and frozen. Dalma Food serves the retail market as well and is therefore offering retail packed products.
Our export is primarily high-end products. We are offering the finest of Swedish food products, Caviar of Kalix. A delicacy appreciated of every gourmet.

The core business is food and Dalma Food is a part of the changing market. Dalma Food put a lot of effort on being in the front of developing new products. The company has a strong ambition to develop together with its customers.

Our brands:
Caviar of Kalix

Paul Tolj, CEO
Dalma Food AB

Our company has triple-A, the highest credit rating in the Soliditet evaluation system, which is based on approximately 2,400 decision parameters. This information is completely up to date and is refreshed daily via the Soliditet database.

DALMA FOOD AB | FISKHALLSVÄGEN 2 | 12044 ÅRSTA | SWEDEN | TEL: +46-(0)8-818292 | FAX:+46-(0)8-815741 | EMAIL: INFO@DALMAFOOD.SE